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Ultimate Washing Gloves


 Make washing up fun and easy with the Ultimate Dish Washing Gloves. The gloves are the perfect combination of rubber gloves with built in hand bristles .The durable bristles are perfect for washing, again , again and again.

The heat resistant gloves are ideal for washing up, but can be used for a wide variety of uses around the house including cleaning the garage, the bathroom and even bathing the dog. Get yourself a pair for all your cleaning jobs and never look back.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Stop burning your hands and protect them with heat resistant gloves
  • Delicate skin? The dish washing gloves will protect them from detergent
  • The gloves are safe to use being made from food grade material 
  • Wide variety of uses for cleaning around the house
  • Prefect for bathing your your favorite pets
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Are you struggling to clean dishes with a worn out old sponge or burning your hands with piping hot water? Our gloves help you protect your hands and get the dishes washed up fast with the built in sponge bristles. The silicone bristles are the perfect accessory for getting your household jobs clean EVERY time. Say no to a mountain of washing up and hello to lovely clean plates.

1) Place gloves on your hands
2) Add a small amount of soap
3) Clean the required items using the bristles and he soap lather
4) Rinse the gloves and leave to dry ready for next time.
5) Store in a cool dry place.
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