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Easy Pet DigiScoop


Now you can measure out the exact quantity of pet food with the easy Pet Digiscoop. Simply set turn it on, choose your units and set the lcd display to zero. As you add pet food to the scoop it will show you the exact weight of the food you have added. 

The scoop has a detachable handle allowing the main scoop to be easily cleaned.

Made of durable ABS plastic the pet scoop is the perfect accessory for weighing  your loved ones food out.

  • Weight your pets food for the perfect balanced diet
  • Easy to read LCD helps you see the perfect weight
  • Detachabale handle for easy cleaning
  • Strong durable ABS plastic is made to last


  • Material: ABS(Endurable -20 to 100 ℃)
  • Battery (1 x CR2032 not included
  • Measures up to 800g
  • Accuracy: +/- 1g
  • Units: g/ml/cup/oz/fl’oz
  • Length 23 cm,
  • Scoop height 5cm,
  • Scoop width 9.5cm,
  • Scoop length 10cm


Do you always worry that you are giving your pet foo much food or have to keep getting the scales out to weigh it correctly?   Now you can easily give your pets the exact food they need with the easy to use digiscoop. Simply weight out the food in the scoop and serve! Say good bye to the hassle of meal times and say hello to an easy to use digiscoop.

The Easy Pet DigiScoop makes an ideal gift with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!
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