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Cute Kids DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Kids can now decorate the tree exactly how they want it with their very own Christmas tree. The decorations can easily be attached to the tree using Velcro and when they change their mind the decorations can be moved about to a new position.
Hang the tree on a wall or door and your kids can attach the decorations allowing them to have fun and also improve their hand to eye co-ordination.


  • Allow your kids to have their own tree and decorate it how they like
  • Kids feel a like they are really getting involved
  • Allow the creativity to flow with detachable decorations
  • Improve hand to eye co-ordination
  • Start the magic of Christmas early for kids
  • Perfect gift for little ones
  • Free worldwide shipping

Do your kids keep playing with the Christmas tree and pulling off the decorations? Now you can solve this problem by giving them their very own tree that they can decorate themselves?   Simply hang the tree up on a wall or door and the children can decorate the tree with the 30 decorations until their heart us content. Say goodbye to broken tree decorations and say hello to happy children with their very own Christmas tree!

The Cute DIY Felt Christmas Tree makes an ideal gift with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

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