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Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting



 The touch sensitive modular lights are a great way to modernise any room with with quality lights that looks great.! Simply connect them up to any shape you want and as you touch each hexagon it will turn on creating an amazing pattern of light.

Each sensor is approximately 11.5cm (4.52") Wide. The low power consuming lights are a great addition to kitchens , living rooms , dining rooms etc and add a practical and elegant look.



  • Connect as many lights as you want to create the perfect lighting
  • Touch Screen Design adds a modern and futuristic focal point
  • Bright display will light up any area
  • Eco-Friendly design saves power
  • Easily connect more lights via small magnets
  • Free Worldwide shipping

Are you bored of the old lighting in your house and want to add something that looks amazing? Now you can add a unique style of lighting that can be as bright as you want. Simply link as many lights as you want and use the touchscreen technology to turn them on and off. Say bye to tired lighting and hello to a fun and luxurious lighting system.
  • Plug type: US, UK , AU or EU
  • Size: 11.5cm (4.52")
  • On off via touch
  • Wall attachment with provided sticky pads

    The Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting makes an ideal gift with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

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