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USB Mosquito Bug Killer


Mosquito's and flying bugs can be a real problem and can make sleeping extremely difficult. This is where the USB Mosquito and bug killer comes in by quickly zapping the pests. Simply switch on the bug zapper and the bugs will be attracted to the light. Once they get close enough they will get a small electrocution and be contained within the detachable box ready to be emptied out when ready.

The easy to clean bug zapper is the ideal accessory to help kill those pesky critters.

  • Kills bugs hygienically
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to clean
  • Works whilst camping, at home, in the garden etc
  • Mesh box collects mosquito's 
  • Helps you sleep better by killing mosquito's
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Always get bugged by flying pests or struggle with mosquito bites? Take the USB mosquito bug killer with you, whether out and about camping , or just at home. Plug it into a USB power supply and never be bugged by mosquito's again. You can contain all the bugs in a separate compartment and safely dispose of them.   The ultra violet light will attract the mosquito, electrocute and contain them.  Say goodbye to waking up and being covered in mosquito bites and say hello to a good nights sleep.

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